A new stage begins with a big change, visible from outside but with other important changes inside.

After more than ten years of growth and consolidation we needed to transform what started as a large multidisciplinary team. Our customers have evolved and have new needs. We had to be prepared to help them.

We are a media company and had to communicate this new way of working, changes that affect the organizational, management, production and creative processes; a wager for personal commitment and honest work.

So we thought it best to have our visual identity reviewed by an external professional team; someone who could synthesize this transformation with an unbiased view and without any obstacles when tackling the project. We thought it would be very difficult to talk about ourselves objectively.

“It´s better if somebody else defines you, maybe they can see things about you that you don’t even know”

We spoke with atipo, a study of Gijon that we have been following for a long time, and who has a vision of the profession that we thought could interpret our new approach, and this was the result.

First they created a new logo, using a condensed and powerful typography in two lines to enhance the mirroring of the word. From there, the work focused on the creation of a flexible system that was born from the union of the “i” with the monolith of the film Odyssey 2001, representing our time of change and our ability to generate these changes. This was the result.Posters were prepared for the launch based on the elements that make up the brand. Posters made by great ideators of ideas.

For our part,  we prepared a video of the production of all of the supports

Idearideas. Construyendo identidad from Idearideas on Vimeo.